It's Superdog!!!

Cherry Pop

Express Associate Publisher, Dave
Griffiths hughs his Little Caesar

    The artful Dodger, Lightning and
    Daylight. Their Owner:Norm Kent

Jim and Gustavo from Happy Pawz
show off their dressed up pup.

Leonard Potts' dog Tammy Faye
is a loving dog to all people.

Jaqueline and Tuckler and Maritza Bedoya
take their dogs out for a day in the park.

             Jennifer Trovato and her lover drove across country
             with their turtles, Samson & Violet in July, 1999.

Hangin Loose... Gaz, Matty & Kervie.
Owners: J.L., Jason and Mareus

Skip Brownlee with Glory, who
demands his daddy's attention at all times.

Serge Cardere and his cutie patootie.

Geoffrey Fleming and Doug
Edsall with Lucy and Abbott.

Mark Possein, owner of Catalog X, and his dog             
Pal relax and catch some rays by the pool.             

Larry Montero with his lovely black poodle, Shadow.

               Kevin Stevens adopted Shelby and hopes people
                 will go to the Humane Society just as he did.

Joe and Coco from the Liberty Apartment Suites,
both love sunrise on the beach.

Jim Wood and David Levy with their shetland sheepdog,
Lizzy. Fortunately she has grown out of ther puppy habits.