Express Adds Six Gay Cartoonists to Staff

Express Publisher Norm Kent has announced the addition of six featured gay and lesbian cartoonists to the newspaper staff.

Kyle’s Bed n’ Breakfast

“Greg Fox is just outstanding,” said Norm Kent, as he announced the introduction to The Express of Kyle’s Bed n’ Breakfast.  “This is just a delightful, well-written and  beautifully scripted cartoon strip, top of the line in every way, “ Kent said.  “It even ran in Genre last year.  The strip tells the story of four friends and their experiences living and running a guest house.  In Northport, Long Island.  “One is an aspiring baseball player, who looks almost as good as Jud Chapman over at Pineapple Point.” Kent added.  Then there is Lance, the part time DJ who will undoubtedly break Joe K’s heart. 

Adam & Andy

Set in the fictional New England town of Woodfield, Connecticut, ADAM & ANDY is the story of two politely unkempt thirty-somethings and their constant struggle to maintain their humor, sanity, and a clean house. Read their amazing adventures every week and lose yourself in the luxurious minutiae of their daily lives!  Marvel at their strength and resolve as they wage a thankless war against careless ineptitude and bad coffee! Blast off  into incredible fits of jealousy over their impossibly broad shoulders, impeccable home furnishings and comprehensive wardrobes!  These guys clearly spend their days working out at Better Bodies or the Firm, but they are both pleasant and warm. You will wish you could take them home with you.Starts  next issue.

Chelsea Boys

Chelsea Boys is the continuing story of three gay roommates, as different as can be from one another, living together in the heart of New York City’s area known as Chelsea.  Filled with humor, humanity, and wry observations o life in a modern urban setting, the whole tapestry of New York City forms the backdrop of  the series as the characters interact with people of all genders, races, ages and sexual orientations.

Chelsea Boys is the creation of Glen Hanson and Allan Neuwirth, who have applied their writing and designing talents to their first gay-themed concept.  “Their cartoons are wonderful, the characters lively, and the story lines are fun,” stated David Griffiths, the Assistant Publisher of the Express News.

Dykes To Watch Out For

Alison Bechdel has been creating Dykes to Watch Out For since 1983. Since then, her award-winning bi-weekly comic strip has become a cultural institution for lesbians and discerning non-lesbians all over the world. Part soap-opera and part documentary, the strip lovingly chronicles the intimate affairs and global concerns of its characters with unerring authenticity and wit. Bechdel grew up in rural Pennsylvania, and after graduating from Oberlin College in 1981, moved to New York City. It was there that Dykes to Watch Out For began, as a regular feature in the feminist monthly “Womanews.” Bechdel began self-syndicating her comic strip in 1985, and it now runs in over 65 lesbian/gay, feminist, and alternative publications in North America. Eight collections of Bechdel’s cartoons and a regular annual calendar have been published by Firebrand Books. Bechdel’s work has also appeared in Ms., Gay Comics, and rumors persist that some can even be found in Robin Bodiford’s law office.


Tami Friday is a Wisconsin artist whose single panel features appear in over a dozen publications, all with a focus on lesbian and gay themes.

Out House

Out House began as a daily strip in the University of Arizona’s Daily Wildcat, where it was put in place to placate the legions of people who were pissed off at the homophobic remarks made in another strip that was subsequently pulled. 

Out House is about Tad, and how he’s dealing with coming out. The first few months of strip revolved around Tad being “accidentally” (by the all knowing Vanna) placed in the “alternative lifestyle” dorm (they really do have these!) — and the joke was that everyone else knew that Tad was gay except the poor schlub himself. He’s since figured it out, broken it off with his girlfriend, gotten a boyfriend, come out to his parents (and been disowned by them). He continues to freak out at every new gay experience that comes his way. He is rumored to be a close friend of Shane Gunderson.

Tiger Byrd was born and raised in northwest Illinois. After brief stints of homelessness and military service, he appeared on the half shell as a creative writing graduate student at the University of Arizona, where he desperately hopes to become a writer, rather than the late-shift manager of Blockbuster again.

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